Moving WP to a new host

Moving a WP website

There comes a time, that for whatever reason, a WordPress website or blog needs to be moved to another host. Reasons may be varied but the move has to be made.
In WordPress they have forseen this problem of moving author articles, post and images and provided WP users with a tool that makes it quite a simple task. Within the WPwebsite you have the possibility to both Export and Import content. Go to >> Dashboard >> Tools and there you will find both features.

Exporting a WP website

With the Tool section open on the Dashboard click on Export, this will open up a menu. Here you can decide what you need to do.
Export tool in WordPress

If you decide just to download the posts then a new menu will open with different choices you can make. The same happens when you go to just export pages you have further decisions to make. If you have had a website for than a year or so and written articles frequently your website will be heavy with content then it may be wiser to export posts, pages, contact forms all separately.

The exported file is downloaded to your computer as an .xml file. It may take a few minutes to download so it is wise to be patient. Make sure to save it in a place where you can find it.

Import WordPress content

In order to import your content first prepare your new host and load a new WordPress. You can download a version of worpress from or use an installer if your new host provides one unless you kmnow how to install the program manually. (A manual install is via FTP) Be sure to use the same version of WP that is in your old site.


Once you have a new host ready with a new WP install, open the Dashboard go to >> Tools >> Import. If you haven’t installed the WP Import plugin you will get a prompt to do so first. Once installed, activate the plugin and then import your .xml file.


All your content should now be on your new WP install. You will need to go through all the settings on your new site to configure settings that need to be done like adding your usual plugings if you use them – choosing a theme, selecting the menu etc.

A website move sounds like a daunting tasks but in WordPress is a fairly straight forward process! Now all you need to do is change the DNS in your domain registration account to the new host if you were using this method to brand your product and content.

And now that I have moved my website to a brand new host its time to get to work on giving the site a brand new look.