Website themes

Website themes and design

Website design is all about the interface, the look  and feel of a website that your visitor sees on his/her screen, the user experience. Over the past few years users habits have changed, no longer is the desktop computer the only way a website is viewed. More and more of your future customers visit websites on mobiles or through apps. As internet users habits change so must the website design too in response to this change.

With this in mind the first Ycademy seminar of 2015 last weekend took an in-depth look at various  website themes and plugins, website themes for a variety of clientele and their specific needs, in order to enhance a user experience on their specific mobile/desktop device.

Website design has over the past few years been directed towards mobile devices, smartphones and tablets etc and users expectations. Mobile users are now exceeding the traditional desktop users and as we see from figures released by Apple their sales of iphones over the festive season in 2014 has exceeded expectations and the number of mobile devices in daily use is just growing day by day..

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Responsive design

In 2015, a website must be responsive, it must look good on any mobile device regardless of its size, simple to navigate, clear in its message and be interactive. There is nothing more frustrating for a potential customer than  trying to navigate a complex menu, the end result being your site is clicked away. As a smartphone and tablet owner I know these things only too well. Good content is wasted if it is not easily accessible.

Three points to bear in mind:

1.On a mobile device its imperative a site loads fast, not everyone has a super fast connection.

2. A message must be clear and clearly visible and above the fold to catch your customers attention with a clean and simple design.

3. Scrolling with a simple finger movement its the easiest and most effective way to move down or across a site on a touchscreen.

Rich Content

Content is still king but it takes on a different form. Rather the message, the story, in the form of bold images, video, animations, slides and typography, real attention grabbers that enhance the experience. (In depth reading on a specific topic or subject comes only later when necessary). It’s now fast becoming a very visual and interactive internet experience for everyone appealing to the senses.

Taking all the above points into consideration when choosing a website, the Ycademy seminar provided all participants with a good base of understanding when it comes making changes to existing websites, converting older sites to responsive designs or developing brand new websites.