Working with Adobe After Effects

Ycademy March Seminar


Another month has gone by and it’s time again for an Ycademy Seminar; this month’s seminar focusing on the new Semiomantics XOR,

a fully responsive universal theme that can be easily adapted for any purpose.

Adobe After Effects

The past month at Ycademy has been a busy one with a big learning curve included, learning

Adobe After Effects; learning how to create motion graphics, how to manipulate movies, how to

add visual effects and the next step will be 3D. As with any Adobe software there is a lot to

learn and master. If you already use one of their products you will notice lots of

similarities in the layout and features. Having covered After Effects in training sessions way back in 2011 it

was very much a refresher course. If you don’t use it you lose it! This time we went

through certain features in much more depth.

Working with Adobe After Effects

The basics we covered this month was understanding the Timeline, Preview Panel and getting

to grips with creating compositions and layers. It has been a very interesting month and a fun

learning experience creating a short clip. My first attempts have been to grasp the bare

basics again, understanding the sequence of events and how to render a project. Here is my

very first attempt, a short clip.

Using Adobe After effects is a very smart way of adding just a little something extra to

any graphic to enhance the experience and convey a message perhaps in a much clearer and

dynamic way. I of course will be continuing with my learning curve over the next few weeks to

understand this software more deeply to enhance some future projects.