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A few weeks ago I wrote a post  ‘what to do with all those photos’  and my new publication. It’s so easy nowadays to take a digital photo either with a smartphone, compact or DSLR camera, but then what do we do with all those photos apart from accumulating them on our cameras, desktops or on a storage system?

The one failing problem with all the storage systems is that one day they may let you down, corrupting your files, and then you will be left with nothing. I know from bitter experience that this happens and all those precious moments are gone forever. Fortunately, those photos that I really wanted to keep I had already made them into tangible objects, photo books, so although I could never have the digital copy again I did have a few photo albums on my book shelf to browse through at my leisure.

My Zoo-book

My Zoo Book

My latest publication, My Zoo Book, was created with Blurb just before Christmas to be given as a present to my grandchildren at Christmas. They absolutely loved their precious gift with all those memories of their trips to the local zoo in Colchester. With an annual pass you can pop in to see the animals anytime of the year even in the winter months. The children have been to the zoo at least 3times this year already as there is always so much to see. The Zoo book is just a memento of all those wonderful times there.


Blurb is a very easy to use book creator. Just download the free BookSmart software and you can get started straight away. If you are familiar with Adobe InDesign or Lightroom you can also use them to create your own unique book. My advice would be do the preparation and get organised first.

1. Organise: Organise your content into a folder, the photos/images, the text. Put your content into some sort of order so that once you start creating your book you don’t interrupt the flow by spending time searching your computer for the content.

2. Workflow: Decide on what kind of layout you would like. Blurb offers you a variety of templates to choose from or you can create your own custom pages. Look through the book genres and tips and inspiration on the Blurb site for ideas.

3. Get started: If it your first time you may like to follow the step by  step guide that is available after the BookSmart download.

My Zoo Book on iTunes

Not only is the ‘My Zoo Book’ available on Blurb but now it’s  also available as a free download on Apple iTunes. Just download iTunes 11 and then download the book to your iphone or ipad or any other iOS dvice.