What to do with all those photos

The Christmas festivities are truly over, the New Year break has come to and end and children are back at school. Now it’s back to some sort of routine and work.

Organising the computer for this years work I have been going through some of the photos that I took last year, 2013, taking stock and deciding what can be truly discarded. It’s good to occasionally review ones work, to look at the images from a more objective standpoint and critique ones own work. Often new ideas spring to mind for new projects for this year.

With a digital camera its so easy to take shot after shot but then what do we do with all these photos? Some of course are used in a specific project but what about those others? used as illustrations in a book, on the web?

Creating a Photo Book

Throughout last year we took trips to zoo with my grandchildren and of course with a camera to hand so by the end of the year there was a stack of animal photos. What nicer way to keep a record of days out than creating a book for the children to keep.

My Zoo Book

Running out of ideas for Christmas presents for the children I put together a book for each of them using the photos taken during our trips. It gave me great pleasure to create a special Christmas present – ‘My Zoo book’, using the photos and a few short, easy to read sentences about each animal. Easy to read as its still early days in the reading department, but we are getting there.

Publishing a book

It’s not difficult to create and publish a book these days. It certainly takes a bit of planning and preparation (the images and text to be used) but the actual creation is simple if you use any of the large variety of software that is available online. My personal favourite is Blurb. Blurb provides a simple to use software that you can download to your computer, with a large variety of layouts, fonts, colours to choose from, and when you have finished your creation you can then publish it as a real book (in a variety of sizes, paper quality and covers), as an ebook for tablet or phone as well as in .pdf format.

The children loved their special Christmas present, the Zoo Book, and this has given me a few ideas for projects in 2014 and beyond.

If you would like to see a short preview of the book you can see it here. Should you feel inclined to make a purchase all proceeds go the Colchester Zoo Action for the Wild charity that assists conservation projects worldwide.