Ideas for photographers

Personalised Christmas gift ideas

With the upcoming Christmas festivities, gift-giving and New Year in mind the Ycademy November seminar provided a sound base for some good ideas for personalised Christmas presents.

Throughout the year most of us have been using our cameras and taking pictures be it on our phones, compact cameras or our DSLR’s, so why not utilise our yearly accomplishments to create some wonderful personal gifts for friends and family. Select your photos by topic and have some fun putting together a gift you can present to your loved ones.

Personalised gift ideas for photographers

Editing templates with Photoshop

For those who have some knowledge of Adobe Photoshop a .psd template can be edited according to your own tastes and preferences. The example below shows a calendar template that was edited, adding my own photo that I took earlier in the year and tweaking the layers in the .psd. Of course you can also add more layers to the calendars to insert small images on special dates etc to give a really personalised feel. Here I kept it simple although now I see that I could have highlighted the date for the beginning of the week to give it more of an accent. If you want to know the important specific calendar dates for 2015 you can got to the Timeanddate website where it is all available and then choose your country.

By going through the whole calendar and adding your own photo and creativity you will have a unique calendar for 2015 to print. Save in the .TIFF format for best print quality but be aware this produces a very large file, .pdf is also an accepted format for printing. As a .pdf you can also share it with your online friends.

Other template ideas for Photoshop are Christmas cards, photo books and diary templates and I am sure you will find other ideas online.

Printable gifts

There are many sites available where you can go and order a personalised gift, eg:, where ideas abound. All you need to do is edit your photo beforehand, have it available in the best possible print quality (300dpi and preferably not less than 180dpi), upload it to the site and have it printed and delivered to your door. I have to admit that I have used these services in the past and the quality of print has been pretty good.