Getting up close and personal

Getting up close and personal

Well, summer is truly over for us here for another year. It has been a rather disappointing summer with very little hot weather mostly just around 20C and a rather wet and windy August. Nevertheless we braved the weather and went out armed with picnics, children and camera and came back with sand in our shoes, tired children and some ‘nice’ shots for the family album.

Now its back to school and a bit of peace and quiet for parents and a bit of time to do ‘your own thing’.

Throughout the summer there were occassions when the camera was put to good use not only to capture those family moments but also to take shots of things that caught my attention especially flowers and insects. Now I have that wonderful task of going through all the shots, reliving those moments of summer fun, and editing those that we wish to keep.

Getting up close

Look around on the internet at the various photographic sites like Flickr, 500px you will undoutedly find a category for macro photography abounding with close-up images whether it be nature subjects, everyday items, microbes etc. Macro photography is just so fascinating. There’s nothing so satisfying as seeing even the minutest detail of your subject.


Look at this white flower. (I think it’s a variety of cornflower). It was just one of a large variety of beautiful plants in a flower border creating a wonderful multi-coloured display for all to see. Until you actually take a longer look at each plant do you realised how complex and intricate the structure is, and all in aid of capturing an insects interest to stop by so that pollination can take place.

Flowers attract our attention by their colour or fragrence but how often do we get up really close to see the intricate details of its form. Not often I bet, we look but we don’t take the time to see.

Pick up your camera and begin shooting images up close and its only then that you start to understand the fascination for this type of photography. To actually see a small flower with all all its minute detail magnified, presented on a screen in front of you. It always makes me stand back in awe of mother nature.

Macro images of flowers

I love true nature photos and its not until I started to take photos of flowers and insects really up close myself that I began to see the complexity of these wonderful structures. You begin to look at things in a very way.

With today’s modern cameras macro photography has become much easier. Many cameras have a special macro settings and macro lenses. Just try getting really close up to your subject for yourself and I am sure you will be spellbound. I started taking macro images way back when with a Panasonic DMC-FZ50 which had a macro setting. That was how I started just by testing the feature, now i’m hooked. It’s still a good camera, still takes great pictures. If you want to buy your first DSLR, this one I would recommend to get you going and they should be fairly cheap by now as they first came out in around 2006.

Photography basics

If you are a novice to photography and would like to get to understand some real basics about the workings of your DSLR camera then there is no better place to seek advice and learning than the National Geographic. They produce some very useful guides for photographers which you can download as a pdf.
Definitely worth the read!