Ycademy September Seminar

I’m sitting here on a glorious sunny afternoon taking a few minutes break after lunch, sitting  just by the back door listening to the tractor in the field beyond, a small plane flying above and watching a tiny little Dunnet which is totally unaware of my presence. This little bird is so intent on eating the scraps that are scattered on the bird table he is totally oblivious to my presence. Oh I do wish I had a camera!  it’s one of those magical moments as he is so close by I could almost touch him. I have my phone with me however I don’t think I want to move in case I disturb him. I can actually hear him pecking away on the table. I do wish I could have captured this magical moment.

Ycademy September Seminar

Although I don’t have my camera with me today I will be busy this weekend working on Photoshop, attending an Ycademy Photoshop CC 2015 seminar learning all about the latest new feature in this latest edition which is celebrating 25years of Photoshop. The new features in Photoshop are not always obvious at first glance, but once you have been through them and used them you realise they are here to make your photo editing life a little bit easier. I’m really looking forward to this seminar as I have enjoyed working in Photoshop for many many years.

photoshop2015 latest release

If you use PS you most probably use Lightroom as part of your workflow to organise your images and here too Adobe has made a few changes. You can use both these programs on your iPhone or iPad for you photo editing. Everything is going mobile friendly these days.

You can read all about the changes here directly at Adobe,  however at the seminar we will actually be going through all the changes step by step, applying them and practicing with them so we can use them in our own photo editing.

It will be a very much hands on workshop seminar this month.