Beth Chatto from above

One of those places that I love to visit as a photographer, whatever time of year, are the Beth Chatto gardens not far from here. There is always something there to attract my attention!

Beautiful gardens

pink clematis
If you are not a photographer but rather a gardening enthusiast then this is certainly a place worth a visit just to see the wonderful displays of trees, shrubs and flowers that abound in the various settings like the dry garden, the woodland and Oh! and I must not forget to mention the beautiful garden ponds surrounded by numerous varieties of water loving plants like Gunnera, rheum, irises etc just to name a few.

Gardens from above

Following up on the post I wrote last summer about a British garden designer who lives here in Essex, BBC TV is running a series, Glorious Gardens from above, and the Beth Chatto gardens are one of the featured gardens. You get a opportunity to get a glimpse of the gardens from above and below, see the layout, wander through the gardens and meet the lady herself and her family. A real inspiration to anyone designing a garden!