Windows 10 Pro upgrade

If Windows 10 was supposed to make life easy then I have to disagree. Just performing a simple MS update of Windows has created a problem and now I have had to spend time to resolve this issue. I only discovered that Windows had not upgraded by accident when trying to work in another program, Android Studio, finding that whatever I did in the program did not work as before. I uninstalled and re-installed the Studio program and did a few tests on the previous work I had done and they did not work now either.

ms-updates on Windows 10

My first thought was, maybe there is an update installing hence things tend to get slow on the computer. My updates I have set to automatic just so that I don’t forget to do them, so maybe this is the cause. In the settings I found that sure enough a big update was there telling me it needed to be installed. Every which way I tried to do this update it would not happen. Has this happened to you?

Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, version 1511, 10586

Having used a computer for nearly 20 years I knew something was wrong somewhere, but where? Windows offers a recovery – a complete re-install then giving you a list of your programs that you then have to install one by one. Have you got time for all this? I haven’t! (only if there truly is no other way). There must be something blocking the update from installing, but what?


Having done a little research on Google I saw that others were having a similar problem and the answers to peoples questions did not resolve the problem for everyone. It’s time to do a little brain strain and logical thinking! I had used the Studio not that long ago and everything worked fine, so it might be a recent installation or update on an individual program that is causing this mess.

Programs and Features

It’s of to the Control Panel >> Programs and Features. Here you find a long list of all the programs you have installed on your computer. I went through this list uninstalling any program that I haven’t used recently nor that I am likely to use. (Right click on the program and you will see an un-install pop up). After this thorough clean up I rebooted the computer. Now let’s see if this has had an effect on my update problem.

Sure enough, the problem was solved! The update was there ready to download and install. So, whetever I had deleted on my pc was causing a block. I can’t say exactly which deleted program did the trick, I started deleting by doing the latest install and working backwards for by now I didn’t have the patience to check every deleted program one by one, but one of them certainly was the culprit or it was a combination of them causing the conflict.


It took a bit of time to sort this problem out but nothing like the time it would have taken to re-install Windows and then each program individually. This was certainly a new learning curve too!

I hope this post might help someone else who is having a similar problem.

After Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, version 1511, 10586.

Would you believe it – I now have a messed up my file structure in file explorer – what next?
Come on Microsoft, this should not happen!!