Windows 10 File explorer

After having sorted out the Windows update problem as mentioned in my previous post, I was left with a messed up File explorer, rather more folders and files showing in the left menu than the neat well ordered structure of libraries etc. Most annoying!

Although this is rather annoying and should not happen during an update, or at any other time unless you instigate it  to happen it is quite easily rectified.


How to clean up file explorer mess in windows 10

When you open your file explore you just want to see the normal layout with the libraries in order and the various drives that you may use for storage etc. However when a mess occurs you see all sorts of extra folder and files that are normally not there. This is actually just the expanded view of all the files and folders that are there but that you don’t normally see because they are all just hidden from view and only appear when they are requested.

Go to Windows File explorer – on the menu bar at the top you see: File – Home – Share – View – Manage. Click on View.
On the ribbon view below you see the first item – Navigation Pane – click on this. The view expands. Here should be ticked –
Navigation pane and show libraries – untick the others. Your normal view in your left menu bar should return immediately.

In the ribbon bar you will see lots of other items and its worth playing around with these as you may find you prefer say a list view rather than an icon view etc. or Grouped by date modified etc for easier access to your files.

I hope this explaination resolves your problem.