About Zo Nicholas

Hi, my name is Zo Nicholas.

Welcome to my personal blog.

I grew up in London, U.K. in a multicultural society, mixed languages, cultures, a melting pot of ideas and wisdom. From there I entered the world of the Teaching profession where learning and understanding worked hand in hand, eventually obtaining a University degree.

Life’s unexpected twists and turns eventually landed me in the world of networking, internet and web design. Over the past 13+ years online I have gained much experience in administration and support and participated in the teaching of skills and understanding in Home Business Development, Web design and Marketing. Online trainings have included the most up to date marketing knowledge married with the practical application of skills.

Today, as a Semiomantics accredited Developer and Designer, a member of the Semiomantics Consultants Team, I apply my experience and skills to:

* Administrative matters
* Web Design Services
* Website Development
* Online Publishing
* Photography & Photo editing
* Ycademy daily and monthly trainings

If you have a request or question please feel free to contact me.

Frinton on sea
Essex UK.
Tel: +44-01255-671-955
Mob: 0759-699-6641
Viber & WhatsApp